Let Us Help You Build Enough Investment Income
to Make Working for a Living Optional

Now, before you go, "Yeah, right? You're going to make me millions of dollars
or whatever?”
it's not going to take millions of dollars to get you
financially free.


One of the most frequent questions we’re asked, especially when people first come to the website, is “What do you guys do?”

Well, there’s several things we do to help grow your investment portfolio, but what we’re really trying to do is get you financially free.

Now, before you go, “Yeah, right? You're going to make me millions of dollars or whatever?” it's not going to take millions of dollars to get you financially free. All it's going to take is to get you enough money to pay your bills every month—and then you can really start thinking about what you want to do with your life.

I was lucky in my early career to have some really rough bosses and pretty tough working situations—and of course, like all of us, thoughts would go through my head before drifting off to sleep.

The main recurring theme was, “Is this it? Is this what working is all about? And is this what I have to look forward to for the next 30 or 40 years? Hard physical labor and suffering under alcoholic bosses that screamed stinking obscenities in your face through rotting teeth as they slowly lost their minds?”

Naturally, my mental state began to deteriorate as I started thinking like a prisoner sentenced to life—I became obsessed with thoughts of escape. Only my prison didn’t have iron bars or stone walls—it consisted entirely of the ever-present and seemingly oppressive need to make money.

And that’s when the dominant thought that drives this business started to take root: “Could there be a way to get my money working hard enough so that I didn’t have to? If I found a good enough investment vehicle—could that possibly support me?”

Even back then, I realized that this investment cashflow didn’t have to replace my working income all at once—it could be built up over time. And the more capital I could accumulate–and the better I got at investing–the more of my working income I could replace until one day…I could be free.

Fortunately, after a lot of hit and miss, I found some amazing ways to cash flow the options market—and like I said, you don't need millions of dollars, you just need enough money to really have the chance to decide what you want to do with your life.

So that's the goal, even if we get you halfway there, or three-quarters of the way there, it's going to get you more financial freedom and less stress than you have right now.

Plus, some of these strategies are actually really fun to implement. It's always fun to win, especially when you're using your wits.

I hope you click around, investigate a little bit, and give us a chance to help you.


  • Larry H.
    Thanks for the quick reply and excellent service… Since I am a business owner with about 30 employees FAST service is critical in today’s business and I am grateful. By the way your company’s culture of conducting business is outstanding.  I can tell by Peter’s commentary and updates that he truly cares about his clients. I subscribe to four financial newsletters and Peter’s stands out from the rest.
    Larry H.
  • Peter F.

    I have studied hard every day and learned so much from you over the past year and a half or so that I now feel comfortable Trading on my own. You guys have the best service ever! Thanks so much!


    Peter F.
  • Chuck M.
    I know you are probably getting tired of hearing this, but THANK YOU for the course you put together! I have played with options for about 7 years, with purely directional trades based around major events. I knew there was more available, but couldn’t find it…until now. Currently, I am up over $9,000 for this month. My goal is only $6000 per month, but I got carried away!  
    Chuck M.

“To an imagination of any scope, the most far reaching form of power is not money, it is the command of ideas.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.