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The Best Way to Learn is to Have Somebody Show You How...
If you think back to anything you’ve ever learned that took some skill or seemed a little complicated at first, you probably had a friend, parent or teacher show you how to do it. Learning to drive a car is a good example—we wouldn’t even consider sending a young son or daughter out in traffic without some good one-on-one instruction. And the reason is obvious—driving a car without knowing what you're doing could easily end in disaster. And the truth is, trying to trade without really knowing what you are doing can end in disaster as well. You don’t want that, and neither do we. The number one question we get from new subscribers is, “Can someone just show me how to set-up my account, correctly enter my trades and manage them for the highest likelihood of profit?” Yes, we can. In fact, that’s exactly what this program is set up to do. Our Mentors are experts on the Thinkorswim platform, and have helped hundreds of traders achieve better results. And the amazing thing is how the lessons are administered—through a special application, your Mentor can look right at your screen—without having any access to your files or any other part of your computer. It is like they are sitting right next to you looking at your screen. That means they can walk you through exactly what to click on and where to go. The beauty of this technology is that instead of watching someone else do it, you’ll be doing it yourself with professional guidance, which has been proven to be the best way to learn—you get hands-on instruction where you are making all the right moves with a seasoned mentor guiding your hand.
You have a great personality and your knowledge of the method is fantastic. The mentoring session was extremely helpful because of your ability to communicate the concepts of the method in understandable fashion. Overall, the session really helped with my comprehension of both the concepts of the method as well as how to use Think or Swim.
You are valuable asset to the "Winning Secret" team and help to fill a void of necessary supplementary, ongoing education. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this opinion!
-Taiji Miyagawa
The program is broken into 45-minute sessions that are short enough so it’s easy to maintain your focus during the entire session—but long enough to really understand how to maximize your gains and minimize your risk. Typically, these sessions are scheduled twice a month for a total of four months—but you can set your own pace to assimilate the information either faster, or more slowly, depending on your schedule and requirements.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Personal Mentor
It's one thing to set a goal; it’s entirely different to actually obtain that goal—especially when it comes to trading. Studies show that training results greatly increase when there is a personal mentor is involved. On average, a person engaged in a training program will have 4x greater results when a mentor is inserted into that regimen. According to the American Society of Training and Development, the probability of achieving a goal increases incrementally as follows:
  • Hear an idea: 10%
  • Consciously decide to adopt it: 25%
  • Decide when you will do it: 40%
  • Plan how to do it: 50%
  • Commit to someone else that you will do it: 65%
  • Having a specific appointment with a person committed to your success: 95%

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When you consider the cost of a bad trade—or worse a whole series of them—or better yet, what you can make on a string of good trades—increasing your odds by having a personal mentor, dedicated to helping you succeed, is a wise investment—one that can pay generous dividends for the rest of your life. Derek Bok—the Former President of Harvard could have been referring to a trading education when he said: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

"The [mentoring] service has been critical in helping me get on my trading feet and feeling confident. Thank you"

-Judith A